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11/05/21 - Reframing the Arctic Sublime...

Updated: May 28, 2021

A landscape intervention is developing... after an unplanned supervisory discussion initially based on my health and my cancer diagnosis myself and Roddy made our way onto the proposal.

What appeared to be an edited/reassessed proposal title formulated; 'Reframing the Arctic Sublime Through Contemporary Art Practice'

I proposed the suggestion as to whether or not the Arctic was a meaningful area to focus on but Roddy reassured me that there is clear discourse within that territory and that it is a good 'place' to be investigating. There are points to consider and they are within the notion of anthroposophy. Humanity has conquered nature but now (and before) nature is fighting back and has again conquered us. We then have to consider how we re-approach nature in a more humanitarian format that disregards territories and instead focus on how to co-exist with the landscape.

Humanity needs to understand that the world will still exist without us and it is that understanding that we need adjust our cohabiting lifestyle(s) towards. The sublime is therefore the world without humanity.

Moving forward my plan is to research further into artists who investigate the Arctic (or northern and southern poles) and how they do so (materials etc). What are the outcomes disseminated from such artists and how they are acted upon or used?

My practice needs to establish a network of contacts for initiating field research - where? who? how? I am to experiment with landscape interventions by removing myself from the studio and working within the field... whether this be reflecting on the landscape, composing work in or in response or using a new form of artistic process (writing, video, photography etc).

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