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18/08/21 - Multiple Views of My Wilderness

*A rough wall mount and documentation - to be remounted

Let's begin with reflecting from feeling; how does this work make me feel now it is completed? Compelled, drawn forth, lost, moved/pushed... many feelings but feelings that I believe to be the right ones. I am compelled to be drawn forth towards this image. The multiple map of small pin hole prints wills my body to come closer not before assessing what is mapped out in front of me ('to be above the world' - see blog 'Aerial Landscapes'). The variety of in and out of focus/clarity images upon each prints invites myself to take a closer look, to give me some bearing as to where I find myself within the complete landscape. The multitude of prints moves and pushes me around, and from that movement I can sense some panic as I find myself lost within not knowing what these abstract prints communicate, until I catch a glimpse of a know inverted object. A little bit of humanity... indicating that where my being is, other beings have been before and left their mark. That sense of human 'reality' gives an ease to my continuing movement around the complete image. Light, mid and dark tones move gracefully through one and other and that helps with a gradual transition between images, although the contradiction is when the snap of change occurs and that temporal unfolding of abstract aesthetics cuts off as a new image of sharp edges hits the journey of the gaze. That sharp edge or block of full colour grounds oneself to that tile and one feels at a crossroad, lost looking for an opening or stuck on a thought on which route to take next. The feelings of reflection on this work are ones that causes pleasure of the aesthetics as well as a discomfort of movement but supported via human curiosity.

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